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Process engineering

Consulting services Roig Group seeking to meet the needs of each customer, food industry or custom - central kitchen, always responding to their idiosyncrasies, in reality, their size and their business objectives.

First we analyze and study, and then propose solutions and improvement actions aimed at saving, quality of service and food security for the food industry, commercial kitchens and laundries.

Innova Concept has professional, highly developed tools and procedures that allow our customers to provide consulting services with high added value. These consulting services are applied to very different environments that converge in a catering service, which is usually given as common factors being a multidisciplinary, complicated coordination or several participants.



The methodology Engineering & Process Reengineering Roig Group is applicable to any type or model of food industry, central kitchen or establishment, whether large, medium or small, or a group of establishments dedicated to food collectives or processes industrial laundry.

Often a project born from limitations, especially the budget. also born with the uncertainty of "how it goes" and where will guide the market. Therefore, in roig we have the team concept for the development of innovative projects and create prepared modular systems to grow in an orderly manner, carrying out studies and complete projects where everything is provided for organized growth, but allowing an adjusted investment from start which may be increased to the extent that growth, activity and market orientation will allow in infrastructure and facilities ready.

We create modern systems to conduct studies and complete projects where everything is provided for organized growth, allowing an adjusted investment of principle which may be increased to the extent that growth and market orientation will allow in infrastructure and facilities ready.

The job of a consultant in cold line is to make available to companies collectivities, catering establishments, canteens and administrations and the food industry in general, the application of scientific knowledge, practical experience and technological advances for the creation and organization of stable, organized and carefree systems that ensure the quality and safety of customer service in an environment of competitiveness and profitability management.

One of the work of the consultant is to perform actions normalization of activity in the manufacturing process of the cold line: create procedures and formulas to establish control, compliance and monitoring-audit. The consultant's work in cold line is integrated into the quality system of kitchen or food production system, not just at the exit door of the kitchen, but in the diner dish.

Kitchens or services traditional, collective or modern restoration, must be made from the foreknowledge of how we do things: first design the process, then the project that integrates the plans, and then we select the technology and suitable equipment.

In the process design should be available to people who do the work every day, in a joint work with expert consultants and engineers processes.

For the benefit of our projects and clients, Innova Concept jointly with the University of Salamanca and other institutions or organizations, develops a continuous process of research and improvement in the various areas. This innovation is permanent in everything related to processes, techniques, technology, computer. It is transmitted and applied rapidly in the systems of our customers through consulting agreements and control and monitoring audits. The R & D & I must be a constant accompanying the company throughout his life.

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Innova Concept


Grupo Roig and Innova Concept: vanguard in central line full kitchens in cold

What is cold line?: Cold Line is a modern logistics system Traditional Kitchen Refrigerated. It involves cooking the traditional way with no additives or preservatives, to cool quickly and thus curb the deterioration of food and microbiological growth, extending the shelf life of food (stored at + 3°C) and allowing secure several days then in different places, doing the right rethermalization in the pre-service time, ensuring the maintenance of the organoleptic properties, taste, color, smell, texture.

If the line is well done cold diners will not notice any difference from the kitchen hot line... because in a cold line cooked food cooking is completed in the Rethermalization.

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