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When a client tells us that has a new project outside Galicia and wants roig you equip your kitchen gets us a smile from ear to ear for wanting count on us and we get down to work.

A project distance for us is the same as we do next home. Takes the same time to manufacture and install a professional kitchen, the only difference is the distance and order management.

Such projects make our company better and become increasingly professional time, reducing delivery times and avoiding errors maneuver so that everything is just right.

Cobertura Nacional

Real Cases


We went to Manresa, to reform the kitchen of Thomas Group to its chef and owner David García ( Top Chef champion ), who has been found that in just three days we have realized their dreams. In Madrid we have also mounted a new Pepita Burger and the new store to Frinsa the cannery. Valcarce group have equipped with the latest 3 kitchens in Valladolid, Oiarzun and Tudela.

To roig there are no distances or schedule. We are passionate about our work and this is what makes us move wherever he want to make a new project of hotel and this needs a #cocinaquefuncione.

Kitchens That Work

We are also prepared to provide technical assistance for the country. We have to do a professional network of distributors, who are responsible for providing service on the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands and the Balearics.

Visit our website, companies that are part of our network and find out who is closest to you to design and equip a kitchen that works:

Cocinas que Funcionan

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