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Chef and owner of the Nado restaurant. The way of conceiving a dish and working is traced by the different nuances that I have been learning and developing in the kitchens in which I have worked: Casa Marcelo, Loxe Mareiro, O Retiro da Costiña and Alborada. Thanks to my personal need to continue exploring, they have outlined what I define today as an Atlantic Kitchen


If there is something that distinguishes Iván Domínguez, in addition to its proximity to the fish market and the vegetable garden, it is the search for the harmonization of flavors and the right preparation of the products so that they arrive “alive” but enhanced on the table. These are the hallmarks of what he calls Atlantic Cuisine, more twinned with Northern European cuisine than with Mediterranean cuisine. It is a contemporary kitchen, attentive to new techniques, but making these available to the pantry offered by the Galician land and sea. Galicia plays an increasingly important role thanks to the advantages of its excellent raw material and its tradition, but also to the push of chefs who are applying contemporary techniques and recovering indigenous products that have been little used until now in high-level cuisine. Iván Domínguez's cuisine is a product and seasonal cuisine, elegant and balanced, which surprises with the flavor, color, aroma and texture it achieves. "We have to hook through the mouth, not the techniques behind it," he defends. For Iván Domínguez, the Atlantic gastronomic culture follows trends such as proximity cuisine or kilometer zero, as well as respects the roots and relies on creativity as an ally to win over an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customer


The restaurant has a total capacity of 32 diners spread over 2 tables of 16 people. There is even the possibility of being able to eat in the kitchen itself, with tables that the Chef improvises as a table for his friends. The main decoration is the stone on the walls of the old Coral restaurant, combined with the quality of the lighting and stainless steel as the main metal. A perfect combination that the study Cenlitrosmetrocuadrado has been clear from the first moment


Adress: C/ Callejón de la estacada nº9, 15001 A Coruña

Tlf: 981 979 433




Tiquet medio de 25 € -35 € persona

Cierran los Martes

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