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Outlet Hostelry

Our clients can now make purchases and orders through our domain:

The domain was registered for more than 12 years and with more than 200 transfer requests, we have finally decided to launch into this new adventure to cover the following needs:

  • Small Replenishment: Low-cost equipment, which is sometimes better to buy a new one than to repair the existing one. It is in these products that we trust the most to maintain the online store.
  • Self-Sufficient Clients: Hotel chains, purchasing groups that already have their own maintenance technician and do not need the installation and coverage of the equipment purchased.
  • Significant Discounts: The prices shown have a significant discount, due to the pre-payment made before receiving the product and not generating installation costs at
  • Online Competition: Our best clients are those who informed us of the online sales of other national companies, of low-cost prices and purchase opportunities. Now we invite you to visit our new online store.
  • Time: Not all customers have time to visit exhibitions and compare and touch products. Take advantage of the 24-hour ONLINE store to make any inquiry or purchase.
  • Outlet: Discontinued products, with a special price for the entry of the latest news and new rates. In addition, we will have control of beaten and scratched products that have a special discount.
  • Service: With this portal we also intend to create new business opportunities, with the service of buying and selling products and attracting new potential customers with new projects and ideas.

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