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07 February, 2018


39.702,00 €


kitchen project wash area, cold tables and steel inox furniture.


Marcos Roig


Equipo Roig

Project Details

A great pride for our group, the power to make the reform of a new kitchen and also with michelin star: Yayo Daporta. The reform has been carried out in two phases, to speed up the delivery and not hinder the activity of Yayo's current cuisine.

In just 21 days, Roig has been able to dismantle his kitchen, manufacture custom stainless furniture (on the fly) and assemble the new refrigeration, washing and cooking equipment that are part of the kitchen. In addition we have been solving the problems that arose during the execution, without this hindered the delivery and delay of the kitchen.

In this first phase of the reform, the main change was to remove the refrigerated cabinets that made a length of 4 meters and put into place refrigerated tables Gastronorm Gn 1/1 ideal for refrigerated products at + 3ºC and -20ºC. These teams have remote cold units, gaining a more cold door and we have also placed 2 refrigerated drawers instead of one of their doors.

The central kitchen countertop we have taken advantage of the frame, but we incorporate a custom-made central top 4200 mm x 1150 mm welded in one piece and fitting a piece of white marble, ideal to work the bakery and keep the cold with the refrigerated table located at the bottom. On one side of this table, there is a wooden board flush with the countertop, ideal for cutting bread with a crumb tray and a removable lower bread box.

In the washing area we have incorporated into the existing hood dishwasher, a basket dishwasher 50x50 cm from the German firm Hobart ideal not only for washing glass but also for washing and polishing of cutlery, without having to go over them by hand after making the rinse. It is a team that we have in our classroom for demonstrations and the customer can check the perfect result both in the glasses of wine, as in the cutlery with its steam program at 100ºC

The existing cooking block has a Kamado from thebiggreenegg firm, ideal for making smoked products and marking products previously cooked at low temperature. With this jewel you can work comfortably the grill, without having to worry about the smoke, the ollin or the risk of fire in the kitchen.

On the floor below is the other gastronomic concept, which will be called in the same way as until now: Continental. It goes from being a Pub to being a gastrobar, with a very fun open bar where the diner can watch how cold dishes are prepared or they finish heating up in a Salamander gratinadora as main protagonist.

This second phase the beauty made during the month of January, no hurry and we advance according to the work we were allowing to place the projected equipment. The bar has a ceiling structure in stainless steel lacquered in matt black oven with hanging glasses, a structure against the bar in the wall for display of drinks, a salamander placed on a wall support to free the table and a table refrigerated gastronorm 1/1 in the lower part, to conserve the refrigerated product and with the advantage of taking advantage of the zone of the motor with 1/2 door of cold to majors.

In the kitchen we have placed a small extractor hood, which we had to make the outside smoke outlet, a powerful electric fryer with oil drain faucets, a dishwashing dishwasher and perimeter stainless furniture for support of dishes and service

We take advantage of this space as always, to thank the Daporta brothers for the trust placed in our team. We hope that you have been satisfied with the work you have done and continue to count on roig for your future projects

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