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20 July, 2017


39.600,00 €


Reformed kitchen and equipment bar with refrigerated wine cabinet


Marcos Roig


Equipo Roig

Project Details

We met Monica and Carlos at the Gastronomic Forum of A Coruña. There we show the innovations and the differentiating elements of the products marketed by roig in our stand, of which they were delighted and with desire to make changes in their kitchen. They left us their data, they told us their needs and a week after the forum we went to Taberna do Trasno to know firsthand their concerns.

After the visit and taken the measurements we have turned 100% in his project, presenting the advantages of the different options and preparing 3D views of his reformed kitchen. Once the configuration was approved they approached Pobra, to see the exhibition, to know our workshop of stainless steel to measure and to review to perfection all the details of its nyevo project: finishes, finials and configuration

Our team has been able to renovate your kitchen in just 15 days, including in this period the disassembly of your previous kitchen, review of existing equipment and taking last minute measurements during the renovation.

No doubt a great change in which our friends have also taken advantage of the work days, to make a change in the dining room and that their most demanding customers can disfritar first hand, a wider dining room, comfortable, different and natural.

In the dining room of the restaurant, we have placed a team of red wines to keep the temperature of their wine cellar between 13ºC and 16ºC. In the bar we have installed a refrigerator with glass doors and LED lighting to expose white wines and soft drinks that are preserved between + 3ºC and + 8ºC

The kitchen has been a brutal change, expanding the walls of the kitchen towards the bathrooms and gaining a lot of money that would not be possible to enhance without this modification. The stainless furniture is made to order with our signature roig design, which has the edges round, curved chamfers, shining front, vibrated countertop and the fronts aligned to the cooking block to facilitate cleaning tasks.

The kitchen block is made by Baron Professional and consists of a 6-burner stove with self-cleaning water system, a central plate for the maintenance of pots and small containers, a small frytop with iron plate and a fryer To gas of 2 independent vats of 10 liters, with indirect heating to facilitate the cleaning of the vats.

The washing area has an entrance sink with a column and exit table. The washing equipment we have used and developed, as well as the existing cabinets and refrigerated tables that are part of the renovation.

The pass area has a bread cutting area, with wood cutting board flush to the counter, drawer pickers-crumbs and bread hopper 90 °. It also has 2 service drawers and shelf on table, for reception of commands and support kitchenware.

The extraction system has a new hood, with filters on both sides to ensure a better extraction and to facilitate the cleaning of the filters. We have placed lighting system flush to the bell with LED lights, to improve the vision in the baking block and to facilitate the cleaning of the luminaires.

We invite you all to stop by Taberna do Trasno to get to know Monica and Carlos first hand, who are sure to be happy to welcome you and show you their new dining room and especially their new #cocinaquefunciona that was the culprit of this new Change in their life and new way of working.

Once again, we would like to thank our friends and clients for the trust they have placed in our staff, we hope to have been able to keep up with the new adventures they decide to carry out in their professional lives

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