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06 February, 2018


In OSCAR ZARZOSA SA aware of the importance of carrying out an adequate environmental management and that preserves

the environment, we have developed a business culture of respect and awareness for the environment, leading to concrete actions to reduce the use of greenhouse gases.

In this sense, in the manufacture of all our refrigeration units, we are already using less harmful gases. environmentally friendly products such as R134a in refrigeration and R452A in freezing, which do not damage the layer of ozone (ODP = 0.0) and that significantly reduce the environmental warming potential (GWP) in more than one 60% and 45% respectively, compared to the previously used gas R404A.

Seeking even greater reduction of the environmental impact, we are in the process of change, and will shortly be In the furniture refrigeration system, hydrocarbons such as the R290 and the R600a, thanks to their impact, environmental almost null. This will allow to reduce significantly the consumption of electrical energy of our refrigerators, because there is a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of the models, which is going to reflect directly in a reduction of the user's expenditure and indirectly in a lower global energy consumption with the consequent benefit for the environment.

Another important effort has been the change in insulation that we use in all models with cold. Now this based on water-based polyurethane foam, thus eliminating the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), although outside in small quantities, in this section of our furniture. This is very important when it comes to recycling in the future.

Finally, it should be noted that, in this task of improving our product in order to achieve better performance energy and therefore a lower cost of maintenance and environmental, has proceeded to the use of compress of high efficiency and electronic fans, both in the condenser and in the evaporator, of the Most models.

All the improvements described have been made maintaining the high quality and reliability of our product and are followed using materials and components of the first order and from the best European manufacturers

At OSCAR ZARZOSA SA we share the social concern for the environment and carry out all our activities vities respecting the environment and making efficient use of natural resources.


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